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Rope Tug Toys!

We LOVE the game of Tug-O-War! It is a great way to exercise your dog's mind and body at the same time.
FORGET THE MYTH! Tug of war DOES NOT create aggression!
We offer Tug Toys in 3 sizes, made locally by one of our students!
$1.00 of every tug toy purchased will be donated to Save-A-Pet in Grayslake
in honor of Madge, the amazing Rottweiler, they recently adopted !
Small Tug Toy $6.50
Medium Tug Toy $10.00
Large Tug Toy $16.00 

Lickity Stiks!

These great MESS FREE treat dispensers are a must for cold winter walking!
Available in 2 flavors, Chicken and Bacon!
A unique way to give your dog a treat, without the calories. Only 1 calorie per 10 licks!
To purchase your Lickity Stik today click here:



Gift Certificates!

Know someone who got a puppy for Christmas?
A gift certificate is a great way to give the gift of good behavior!

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